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Hosta’s Independent Innovation Aims at Global Market

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“We attended the CEBIT Hannover/Germany in April and are granted with the Identification of PROFINET Automation Bus Product, which is the first in China; in May we stepped into corporation with Delta Electronics for joint development of field bus equipment; and recently we won a CNY 20,000,000 order that mean our business is on a good and health growth……”, Youqian Hu – the general manager of Hosta Motion Control Co., Ltd. said on the Moling Science Innovation Center when he made a brief introduction to company’s development in the first half year.  
In the field of industrial automation, control system is the “Brain” of equipment to control their operations that would directly impact products’ quality and efficiency. As a high-level industrial network, field bus motion control system is a necessity to realize the “Industry 4.0” on which communications between process controller and field instruments have to rely. Unfortunately, the core of motion control system are possessed by countries like America, Germany and Japan because of technological monopoly. Hence in order to change this situation, Youqian Hu quitted from a Fortune Global 500 in 2012 to devote into the field bus motion control system with independent intellectual property. 
Good expectation is limited by reality: almost all the field bus motion control products are manufactured by enterprises like Siemens and Phoenix, etc. that makes it very hard to have a piece of cake from them. With the realization of this Youqian Hu – as a technician – knows that R&D is a very long journey to march if willing to earn good reputation in market hence as a consequence he makes a decision: hiring R&D staff approximately 50% of the total of more than 20 and, investing CNY 2,000,000 and above into R&D and innovation, which is almost the total profit of company.   
 “We have to insist what we started and expected since the determination of R&D is made” said by Youqian Hu. In 2012, the 3-member R&D team invested all the CNY 1,500,000 attracted into R&D of products generation - 1. Thanks to the effort made by all employees the prototype was successfully produced but with poor compatibility of control system. Therefore, the long joinery started. Hosta offered 1.5 times salary to attract R&D talents or company share to the core talents when salary didn’t work. Soon, the updated products released in the year of 2014. The independent field bus motion control products become competitive in market even compared with the imported ones and more and more enterprises in field of manufacturing choose the control system made by Hosta.
Lately, Hosta signed a contract with a big contract enterprise – CNY 20,000,000 contract value, which is the biggest order we won since establishment. “This is just the beginning” Youqian Hu said. Industrial automation will have its new opportunities thanks to the industry policy “Made in China 2025”. This year, Hosta will invest half of profit into R&D and plans to run an overseas branch to enlarge global market by technical innovation.

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