Handheld Terminal

Handheld Terminal
Product Catalog: HOSMERIC - Handheld Terminal
Product Name: Handheld Terminal


Product Introduction
The Hosta Handheld Terminal is applicable to full voltage condition and has characteristics summarized as: quality inspection met, light weight, thin, broken-proof, nice tactility, waterproof, dustproof, greaseproof, antistatic and long service cycle. It could be applied to automation equipment. The Oriental body type has been fully considered in its ergonomic design that delivers easier operation. Addition, the custom-made is also acceptable.

DC5V/DC24V full voltage input, anti-reverse voltage protection, anti-electromagnetic interference, antistatic, dustproof, waterproof and greaseproof;
Internal permanent magnet and external hook and bracket could be standardized and/or custom-made. Three coding systems are provided: point-to-point system, binary system and Gray code; 
Applicable to Mitsubishi, FAUK and Siemens numerical control systems and automation equipment; and, 
3m long spring wire and power indicator are attached.


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